Full Crowd Game: The Yearbook Picture Challenge

Do you remember yearbook picture days? Waking up early so your mom could force you to wear something uncomfortable and embarrassing and then awkwardly standing in a line for an eternity to get your picture taken by an uninterested faux-photographer.

Well thanks to those picture days you have some great material for a great game that you can play with your entire class: The Yearbook Picture Challenge!

Players Needed: everyone

Items Needed: Yearbook pictures of you, your staff/team and/or kids (the more embarrassing the better!), (Optional) The Yearbook Picture Challenge slides

Instructions: Show one of the yearbook pictures in your possession and have the entire class guess the identity of the individual.

Notes: Kids love seeing glimpses of their leaders’ childhoods. This game will be very engaging and could really add a fun atmosphere to your service.

  • May 16, 2018
  • Category: Games
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