Kids Church Crowd Game: Animal Sound Off

For the last several months, my goal in life has been to make kids church as interactive as possible. I’ve been including less and less stage games and have included games that the entire crowd can play.

Animal Sound Off is by far my favorite. I’ve led the game not only during kids church but also at conferences and at a recent couples’ date night that I MC’ed.

Players Needed: 1 player per team (plus the entire crowd)

Items Needed: 1 blindfold per team, pictures of animals

Instructions: The concept is simple. The players are onstage blindfolded. The picture of an animal appears onscreen and the entire crowd has to make the sound of that animal. The first person that can guess the animal wins the round.

Typically, the first few rounds contain animals that are easy to guess like a dog, cat, cow, etc. Sometimes I throw in a fish or specific bird to throw the audience off. Lately, I’ve made a habit of ending with a picture of a fox. The audience goes into variations of the song “What Does the Fox Say?” Once I ended with a picture of Justin Bieber and the whole crowd broke into his song “Baby.”

You can also play without blindfolds. This makes the game a little less challenging for the people onstage, but it gives the crowd the opportunity to act out the animal.

Notes: The strength of this game is that, while there are two contestants onstage, the game requires the participation of your entire crowd. This keeps everyone engaged. And if you split the crowd into teams, they are emotionally invested in the entire process.

  • May 23, 2017
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