Kids Church Game: Baby Rattle

Minute to Win It games are an easy go-to source for kids church games. If you look through our Kids Church Games board on Pinterest, you’ll find a few great selections of games.

Recently, I added the game Baby Rattle to our kids church game repertoire. It’s a fun, visual and energetic game that is cheap and easy to assemble. It takes only a few minutes per round and can be played over and over again.

Players Needed: 1 player per team, as many teams as you like

Items Needed: Per team – 2 2-liter empty soda bottles, 150-200 gumballs, duct tape

Instructions: Make sure the soda bottles are empty and, most importantly, dry. Fill one of the bottles with the gumballs. Tape the mouths of the two bottles together with duct tape. Each player gets one of these sets.

Once the players have their “baby rattles,” the game leader will signal for the game to begin.

The person that can transfer all the gumballs from on bottle to the other is the winner.

Notes: There are sturdier ways to secure the bottles together, but I find that duct tape works just fine. Use cheaper duct tape around the mouths of the bottle and use a nicer, colored duct tape to finish it off.

Check out the Blueprint for the Minute to Win It version of the game..

  • May 24, 2017
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