Kids Church Game: Funoodle Twirl and Hurl

I first saw a rendition of this game on the Ellen Show. She called it “Broom.” I replaced the broom with a water noodle, made it competitive and rechristened it, “Funoodle Twirl and Hurl.” I’ve done this game in kids church, kids camps and family events featuring adults as well as kids. It’s been a perennial favorite!

Players Needed: 1 person per team

Items Needed: 1 water noodle per team

Instructions: The player holds the water noodle up to his or her chest and looks up. Player spins 20 times, drops the noodle on the floor, does five jumping jacks and hops over the noodle. The person/team that can accomplish this first will win. Extra points are awarded for the team that wipes out.

Notes/Warning: The point of this game is to see the players get so dizzy that they fall while trying to do their jumping jacks. Make sure that no player is close to the edge of a stage and/or that there are leaders who can steer them away from any potential dangers. Make sure to take extreme caution when playing this or any other kids church games!

  • May 23, 2017
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