Kids Church Game: I Dizzy Dare You

Players Needed: 1-2 people per team, 1 spinner per team

Items Needed: 1 spinning chair per team, challenge items

Instructions: “I Dizzy Dare You…” is an awesome kids church game adapted from the Dizzy Challenge, a popular YouTube game. The basic rules are quite simple: one or two people are spun around on an office chair or other spinning device until they are sufficiently dizzy, then they have to perform certain tasks and challenges.

The challenges that they can do are only limited to what you can dream up. Do twenty-five jumping jacks. Shoot basketballs. Write the word “loquacious” on a dry erase board.

Be as imaginative and silly as you can be with your challenges.

Any dizzy game requires an extreme amount of safety precautions. You could build that into your game by requiring players to wear helmets and safety pads.

You might want to have a barf bag nearby.

  • May 24, 2017
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