Kids Church Game: Norwegian Nose Dive

I’m constantly on the lookout for kids church games that require little-to-no preparation. These games are great when I find myself in situations where I need to keep kids engaged but don’t have any supplies.

They work extremely well in camp situations or during those times when the service in the sanctuary is going longer that you expected.

Here is a game that comes straight from the Ellen Show.

Players Needed: Two or more per team

Instructions: You invite teams of two to the stage. This is a teamwork game so it’s important that you stress to your players that they have to work together to win.

You call out a series of numbers and body parts. (For example, “Four knees, 1 hand, 1 forehead.”) The teams have to determine how to make it so that only those body parts are touching the floor.

I typically lead this game in three rounds. The first round is the easiest and it gets more challenging with each round.

Possible configurations:
4 Feet (the easiest)
3 Feet
4 Knees, 2 Hands, 1 Nose
3 Knees, 1 Hand
1 Back, 2 Hands


  • May 24, 2017
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