Kids Church Review Game: Gas Out

You’re probably a lot more spiritual than me. Your sense of humor is probably a lot more refined. You probably drink teas that are named after characters in Pride and Prejudice. I envy you.

Here is the silliest, grossest and most effective games I’ve ever played in kids church. (Spoiler alert: the word ‘fart’ will be used.)

I was browsing the board game aisles at Target on a Saturday evening. With our Sunday morning festivities approaching, I was looking for ideas for a new way to do our review game.

Our review game works like this: At the end of every service, I ask a series of questions based on the lesson for the morning. It’s a fun way to reinforce what the kids have learned and provides me with up to ten minutes of organized activity in case the adult service goes long.

Typically, I invite one boy and one girl to the front. I ask them what their names are and I engage in some witty banter. Then I ask the question and the person that can raise his or her hand first and correctly answer the question earns points for his or her team. For the past few months, I’ve been using a screen-based Tic Tac Toe board and have been calling it Warrior’s Tic Tac Toe of Destiny.

On that special night at Target, I instantly created a brand new game when I found the “Gas Out” by Mattel.

The main feature of Gas Out is a plastic, squeezable gas cloud that, once squeezed enough, emits a rather rude noise (that is a God-given function of our bodies.)

I have never taken the time to read through the official rules for Gas Out, but I don’t think I need to. Here’s how I play it.

“Don’t Pass the Gas”

Two kids on stage. The first person that can answer the question correctly, hands the Gas Out character to the other team. We randomly give that person a number from one to four and they squeeze him that many times.

If, when they squeeze the Gas Out character, he makes the aforementioned rude noise, that team loses.

It’s silly and a little immature, but the kids love it!

“Gas Out” can be purchased at any toy store or on Amazon.

Oh, and…fart.

  • May 24, 2017
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