Kids Church Review Game: Plus

Fun, easy to play review games are valuable tools to have for your kids church services. There are times when you need to fill some extra time or quickly rethink a segment.  Great review games give you the opportunity to do something fun and productive with little to no prep time.

This review game is called Plus. It requires almost no preparation and had a great amount of fun and tension built into it. 

Players Needed: 1 per team

Items Needed: List of questions, buzzer (optional), Plus Game Slides (optional

Instructions: Invite one player from each team to the front. Ask a question based on the day’s content or other information. When one of the players answers it correctly, he or she gets points or wins prizes. That player can take those points/prizes or risk them in a game of Plus.

If the player chooses Plus, he or she will be given three options: double, triple or quintuple (multiply by 5) their points/prizes. They do so by answering two, three or five other questions or by fulfilling challenges that involve two, three or five elements. If they fail to fulfill the challenge at the number they selected, they lose all their points.

Notes: Plus can be completely tailored to your style of kids church service. The risk factor is very emotionally engaging not only to the player making the decision but also to his or her entire team.

  • May 24, 2017
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