Kids Church Review Game: Ultimate Wheel of Decision

Review games are a great way to reinforce the material you’ve taught and also to fill some time at the end of your kids church services before parents have picked up their kids.

One of my favorite review games of all time is Ultimate Wheel of Decision.

Here’s what you need: A game wheel. If you have a physical one at your disposal…awesome! If not, I use the completely customizable and totally awesome Game Show Spinner from Crowd Control Games.

Here’s how it works: You, or the game host, invite one player from each of your teams to the stage. You ask a question based on the day’s material and the person that can answer it correctly earns 100 points.

Then, we ask him or her the Ultimate Question: will they keep those points and head back to their seats or will they they risk it all at the Ultimate Wheel of Decision.

If they, with their team’s support, decide to go to the Wheel, they have the opportunity to gain ever more points, but they could also lose the points that they’ve earned.

Ultimate Wheel of Decision is a fun way to end your service. There is only one player on stage, but the experience is tense enough that every single child feels like they’re a part of the action!

  • May 24, 2017
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